About Us

Over the years, I have burned countless candles and have always been interested in making my own…leading to the creation of this locally-made and veteran-owned business, Isles of Shoals Candle Works LLC.  

After many months of research and development, it was disheartening to read the ingredients of most candles and the effects they can have on people. At Isles of Shoals Candle Works, I set out to create an environmentally friendly, affordable, non-toxic candle.  

I use a Coconut Wax | Beeswax blend and recycled glass vessels in an effort to preserve the environment. The wooden wicks I use, which crackle, are eco-friendly, clean burning, and are made from FSC Certified Wood, which ensures they come from responsibly managed forests. Finally, to those who appreciate a safer, more natural environment, no dyes or phthalates are used in the making of my products. 

Thank you for your support!