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Apple Crumble

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Classic pomme fruits are sprinkled with brown sugar and allspice. Warm and inviting baked vanilla is blended with touches of red fruit to complete this classic dessert. Fill your home with the scent of cinnamon apples and brown sugared pears.

Fragrance Notes:
Top: Macintosh Apple, Pear, Brown Sugar
Middle: Green Apple, Cinnamon Sticks
Base: Vanilla Extract, Pomegranate, Baked Accord

Contains Essential Oils of Cinnamon Leaf Oil from Sri Lanka and Eucalyptus Oil from China. 

Isles of Shoals Candle Works – Approximate Burn Times:

4.4 oz 20+ hour burn time.

10 oz 40+ hour burn time.

13.5 oz 55+ hour burn time.

The approximate candle burn times listed above may vary. Conditions such as drafts, ceiling fans, wick length, and other factors may affect candle burn times.

Proudly made in the USA.